5 Natural Remedies For Osteoporosis

osteoporosis-treatmentOsteoporosis is a health condition characterized by thinning bones. In some cases, small holes can develop in the bone that can lead to fractures or severe pain. It is most common among women over the age of 50, but men are also at risk. While patients typically turn to prescription medications to relieve the symptoms, it’s essential to understand that these may produce long-term negative effects. It pays to learn about the natural approach to dealing with osteoporosis and bone health in general. Keep reading to learn some of the best natural remedies for osteoporosis.

Proper Nutrition For Bone Health

Most health experts agree that the first line of defense against osteoporosis is proper nutrition. Supplying your body with basic nutrients can go a long way in your quest to strengthen your bones. In order to make your diet more effective, you should supplement it with regular physical activity as well as fall prevention. It’s also prudent to visit your doctor for proper diagnosis and to determine the root cause of compromised bone health. Osteoporosis medications should be considered a last resort as they can negatively impact your health over the long term.

Bone Building Nutrients

If you are at a high risk for bone loss, you must make healthier food choices and ensure that you provide your body with bone building nutrients. Vitamin D, for instance, has been shown to reduce fractures. Other nutrients to take include calcium, magnesium, vitamin K and strontium. You might want to consider taking multivitamins to help you reach your daily nutritional needs. Be sure to talk with your doctor to aid you in selecting the right multi vitamins.

Alkalizing Diet

An acid forming diet can increase your risk of suffering from osteoporosis. The average American consumes plenty of acid forming foods each day. These include processed foods, animal protein, refined sugars and low quality fats. This can upset the biochemistry of the body and causes low-grade metabolic acidosis. In an attempt to survive, the body turns to bones to aid in re-establishing acid-alkaline balance. Over the long term, this can seriously impact your health. For this reason, you should alkalize your diet by eating more fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

Regular Exercise

Just like muscles, your bones also get stronger the more you use them. And the best way to strengthen your bones is to engage in weight bearing exercises. By forcing your body to work against the force of gravity, you can develop bone strength and minimize your risk of osteoporosis. Some of the best exercises are walking, dancing, stair climbing and resistance training.

Avoid Smoking And Alcohol Consumption

Here’s another reason to quit smoking: several studies suggest a strong link between low bone density and cigarette smoking. Excessive alcohol consumption can also upset the balance of calcium, which in turn affects how the body makes hormones and vitamins to keep the bones healthy. Drinking too much also makes you more likely to fall or get into accidents, potentially leading to bone damage.

Reduce Salt And Caffeine

If you’re consuming too much salt and caffeine in your diet, it’s high time to cut back. Caffeinated beverages have been associated with osteopenia. A high sodium diet has also been shown to cause bone loss. Make it a habit to check product labels to see how much sodium is contained per serving.

Prescription medications are not your only option when it comes to treating osteoporosis. By providing the requisite support system, your body can build and strengthen bones on its own. Eating the right foods, engaging in regular exercise and avoiding things that may lead to falls or accidents can be all you need to control osteoporosis naturally.

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